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Pic Me Photobooth is a family owned business. The attendants who man the booth are either husband and wife, or siblings. One of the company’s goal is to make sure that a friendly and homey environment and feel are experienced when guests/clients hop in our booth. The founder is a newly wed couple who loves taking photos. Besides taking photos in the booth, they also minister to one of the Adventist churches in the OC area as the head media and publishing team.

The idea popped up to be only as something to have during family gatherings and church events. On our first family event, our friends and even other guests encouraged us to venture into the business. The business is the first baby of the founders. Our first gig paved a way to more clients that we got through word of mouth and referrals.



The Main man

JR as how everyone calls him is the man behind all of this. Besides his work managing the business, he also devotes his time serving their church in Orange County. He loves playing basketball and enjoys video editing. During his free time, he loves to just stay at home and play with his two daughters.

JR loves doing the Photobooth himself as he considers it his “partying” now that he has a family. He has always loved gatherings with family and friends and was always the one in charge of  taking photos, which is why he eventually ventured into this business.




Jan is JR’s better half, and you know what they say about every man’s success right? While she has a full time job as an IT Field Services Coordinator at Bernards, Jan pitches in the creative side of the business. When PicMe started, she also was the graphics designer working on clients’ print layouts.

Jan loves taking pictures and doing home decor. She also just started a new venture with a friend called “Kabataan Culture” which is aimed to teach kids the Filipino language and the culture that goes with it.


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